Massage Therapy in Greenwich and East Dulwich

Many people have forgotten how it feels to be truly relaxed. Massage can put you back in touch with the feeling of well-being that comes when the tension you’ve learnt to live with is finally released.

The Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

Did you know there are health benefits to having a regular massage?

While some people think of a massage as a form of pampering, (and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that), there are enormous benefits be gained by having your body gently cared for, in the form of hands-on treatments.

As babies, we are caressed and have lotions put onto our bodies to help with our skin, we are also the most agile of gymnasts as babies; however, as we get older we often lose sight of the benefits that came with being a baby, the stretching, the pulling, helping our muscles to be nimble. As adults, we still need the manipulation of massage for our muscles to be strong and our overall well-being.

Sports and Deep Tissue

Sports and deep tissue massage offer solutions to back and shoulders pain, neck ache, sciatica, overuse syndrome, tension headaches and postural imbalances. The treatments are strong and involve stretching, mobilization and manipulation of fascia covering muscles. Tension is released and posture improved through regular treatments.

Therapeutic Massage

With Therapeutic massage, I take into consideration your body as a whole. I use similar techniques as in deep tissue, but the strokes are less deep and slower, with the aim to release physical and emotional tensions.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage provides the same benefits as a regular massage. Quite simply, your “Feel Good” massage. Its sole purpose is to relax muscles, ease tension and aid circulation. Many women, during pregnancy, develop shoulder, neck and lower back pain due to a change in centre of gravity and loosening of the pelvis ligaments and joints.

If it’s your first appointment, you will be filling out a consultation form to assess your conditions in order to provide you with the best suitable treatment.

Please rest assured that I am working safely and follow all the guidelines from my professional body.

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